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The use of this web page is your responsibility as well as the interpretation you make of it. You are advised to check all information with us - all your questions will be answered in a period ALVEAR PALACE HOTEL S.A.I. is not responsible for the information contained by other web pages as we do not have any control over them.

Privacy policy

Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

1 Object This Privacy Policy is intended to inform you, as visitor and / or user of our sites, about the way your Personal Information is treated (as defined below), and the various alternatives you have regarding the use of your Personal Information. In this sense Alvear Art Hotel, in light of the proposed object, ensures that the data collected through the Site will always be treated in such a way so that the protective purpose which the protection of personal data establishes is safeguarded. The confidentiality of private communications between Alvear Art Hotel and its users will involve storing information in files, banks or databases, so that access by users or third parties who are not authorized to do so would be restricted. Periodically, we may amend this policy in order to include the treatment of new issues and to reflect changes on our Sites, the technologies employed by us that may affect the treatment of your information, or our attitude regarding the use of the collected information. Furthermore, we can add those changes to this policy as they occur, in order to enable you to have access at any time to the information we collect, the use of such information and any eventual possibilities of revealing or transferring it to third parties, if necessary.

2 Application This policy is applicable to all sites and services that are owned and / or are operated by Alvear Art Hotel (hereinafter "we") and / or related companies, and any other site that we may own or operate now or in the future. This policy does not apply if you use sites other than the sites of Alvear Art Hotel, even when those sites are linked to the sites of Alvear Palace Hotel via links or any other link type, telematic or not.

3 Personal Information Personal identification information for individual users, defined as your full name, your address, your phone number, your preferences for accessing the service and / or your e-mail address (hereinafter "Personal Information "). In our Sites, you may be required Personal Information for the purposes of providing you with the use of, or participation in, our subscription registrations, access accounts, and / or in relation to any other activities, services or resources we can supply through any of the Alvear Art Hotel sites . In all these cases, we will only collect and store your Personal Information when you provide it to us voluntarily. Generally, when in order to use a service or access certain content any Personal Data is requested, its submission is not mandatory, except for those cases where it is specifically indicated that the data is required for service delivery or access to content.

The collection and processing of personal data is aimed at the provision, management, administration, customization, maintenance and improvement of the services and content available to users by Alvear Art Hotel. The user who facilitates their personal data expressly authorizes Alvear Art Hotel for the use of the data provided for the purposes set forth herein. This also implies acceptance of all the terms contained in these statements, as well as in the General Conditions. Should you give us your Personal Information, you accept that such Personal Information may be used for the activities mentioned above. Also, should you contact us by sending an e-mail, we may request, or use when available, your Personal Information for the purpose of responding to your e-mail, and if as requested in it, in more detail. Finally, you agree that we may also file your Personal Information and / or any other data for future reference, or discard this information partially or wholly after it has been used. Once you submit your Personal Information, you expressly allow Personal Information to be used for internal and external marketing as well as for promotional purposes. The owner of personal data is entitled to exercise the right of access to them for free at no less than six months, unless he/she proves a legitimate interest, pursuant to Law No. 25,326, Section 14, Sub-section 3. The ARGENTINE PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION AGENCY, Controlling Authority of the Law No 25,326, deals with reports and complaints placed in relation to any breach of personal data protection regulations. To contact the ARGENTINE PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION AGENCY, you may go to branch 1118 Sarmiento St., 5th Floor of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires (C1041AAX) or by phone at 4383-8510 / 13/12/15.

4 Messaging In order to provide a better service, messages may be sent to you in the future intended to confirm your registration and / or the status of your account, and / or to notify you about changes to the terms and conditions of Alvear Art Hotel Sites or this Privacy Policy. Occasionally, our e-mails could be sent to you for the purpose of presenting a product, service, information, etc., that we believe might be of interest to the users of our sites. Should you decide to stop receiving the messaging service, you must let us know by sending an e-mail to our address:

5 Exceptions to our reservation of Personal Information and other information In compliance with our legal obligations, your Personal information and / or any other specific information about you which we can access to, intentionally or accidentally, and / or account information, may be disclosed to third parties in order to comply with legal processes such as a search warrant, subpoena, court order or administrative authorities requirements, which can be considered valid under applicable law. Also, for our protection, your own and that of other users of the Sites of Alvear Art Hotel, your Personal Information may also be disclosed in cases involving the existence of an attempt to breach the security of the Alvear Art Hotel Sites, or physical danger or threat against you, us or third parties.

Were you to provide or post your Personal Information, or any other information concerning your person, through on-line communication, such as newsletters or chat rooms, such information may eventually be collected and used by third parties, with or without your consent. Although we make our biggest efforts to protect your privacy, we cannot guarantee the security of information you post or provide through such forms of online communication, and therefore, you disclose such information under your sole responsibility.

6 Children's Privacy Because children may neither properly understand all the provisions of our policy and its implications, nor decide validly on the options available to our adult users, we urge all parents or guardians or adults to supervise minors accessing the sites of Alvear Art Hotel, to actively and carefully participate in the activities that the children perform on the Internet, on-line services used by them, information they may have access to, either when such children visit the sites of Alvear Art Hotel or any other third party sites, and teach them how to protect their own Personal Information while they are online.

7 Cookies To provide a more personalized assistance and better and more efficient service, Alvear Art Hotel Sites, through the use of cookie technology and / or IP tracking, have access to some non-specific information about you and may consist of any information other than Personal information ("Non-specific Information").

Currently, with the technology in use on the Alvear Art Hotel Sites, the Non-specific Information we collect may include information related to the browser you are using, type of computer, operating systems, Internet service providers and other similar information. In order to improve the areas of interest of our sites, our technology also compiles information about the areas you visit on our Sites and about the links you establish on our Sites. This Non-specific Information is used by us and / or operators of our Sites, to understand how you and other users, considered as a group, use the services and resources we provide on our Sites. This way we know which areas of our sites are preferred by our users, which areas need improvement and what technology is being used in order to continuously improve our sites. Eventually, we may share this statistical information with our partners, suppliers, advertisers and third parties, but in no way shall Personal Information be shared with such third parties about you or other users of the Alvear Art Hotel Sites. We wish to warn you that some of our advertisers may add, post or transmit notifications of various kinds on our sites requesting or containing technology to collect information about other users. Within our technological possibilities, and as part of our agreements with these advertisers, we will not allow them to collect Personal Information about our users within our sites. Your browsers, just like others, can be programmed to accept Cookies. If this is the case, and you do not want to provide non- specific information, you can set your browser to reject cookies, or to warn you when a website you are visiting attempts to send Cookies. If you do this, please note that some Internet sites, as well as some sections of the Alvear Art Hotel Sites, such as newsletters and chat rooms may not function properly. For more information on how to turn off the option to accept cookies in your browser, you are advised to consult your browser provider for the aforementioned effects.


Alvear Art Hotel has adopted a smoke-free policy in both public areas and all rooms. This policy allows us not only to comply with current regulations but also to create a comfortable environment for our guests. Those who fail to observe this policy and smoke in unlicensed areas will be charged to the credit card a fee for cleaning and smoke removal (during the stay or after checking out). Guests or members of the public who breach the policy will be asked to stop smoking, and if this attitude persists, they will be urged to leave the premises.

Although smoking is not permitted within the building, smokers may do so in the designated areas outside the Hotel. For more information, please consult the Concierge.


Consumer Protection - Head Office
651 Julio A Roca Ave. (1322) Buenos Aires City
Customer Service Center - Telephone
Consumer Information toll free phone number in Argentina
0800-666-1518 /
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